Update on 2nd July 2018

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Sims Portal Order Search  Functionality.

There is a new search feature in the Sims Portal that allows you to search and filter your orders.

This is how the new functionality works.

1.When you first login into the portal, the system will display orders that were collected in the past year as well as all orders that will be collected in the future dates.

2. To change the search criteria, click on the “Search criteria” button.

3. You can use a keyword to search orders in the record. A keyword can be any word that is available on the dashboard columns. Enter the keyword and click the search button.

4. To change the collection date enter the new “Start” and “End” dates, then click on the search button.

a) You can remove the collection date criteria by clicking on the delete button on the right of the date and then click on the search button.

b) Once you remove the collection date, you will be able to see all orders in the contract.

5. To remove the search window click on the close button.