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Within the Sims Portal we have implemented a simple way for communication between Sims clients and our project managers. It is called ‘Requests’.

To send a new request click ‘Requests’ within the menu and the ‘Add’ button:

Fill all of the required fields and the click the Save button:

An automated email notification confirming your request will be sent to you and the Sims project manager:

To check the status of your request select your request and the details will be shown within the reply section:


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We would appreciate any comments and feedback on topics related to the contract, as we endeavour to give our customers our best service possible. To help us with this, when you see the “Feedback” option please click on the yellow exclamation mark to start.

You will see a list of surveys available. Select a survey and click the  button.

Click the Start button to begin:

Answer each question and click the Next button:

You may be prompted to add additional comments, which we would be very grateful for:

To complete the survey click the Finish button.

Account settings

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Users can change specific settings about their account:

The following elements can be changed: Email Address, Phone number, Password and Time zone:

On the Preferences tab you can change:

  • Your report viewing preferences.  Turn on the Responsive Grids switch box to remove the gridlines on the report output.
  • Switch between Light or Dark theme of Sims Portal.

Click the Save button after making any changes.


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The Companies section will list all of the companies/collection addresses within the selected contract:

Add a new company/collection address

Click the “+ Add” button to add a new company. For each company record, you can add a list of collection addresses, which can then be selected when creating a new order. Click on the company for which you want to add a collection address.

Note: If you have added a new collection address and it is not available to select on an Order form, please send a request to the help desk at Sims.  It is likely this error has occurred because you haven’t got the correct permissions for the collection’s region/country address.

Delete a companies/collection address

Depending on your current permissions; you can delete a company clicking the trash button.


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The Contacts section will list all of the contacts associated with the selected contract:

When you select a contact, the following details will be displayed:

Add a new contact

Click the “+ Add” button to add a new contact. On the new contact form fill in all the fields and click the “Save” button.

Delete a contact

Depending on your current permissions, you can delete a contact using the trash button.


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The Items option allows you to search for your item by the serial number. If the item is found, the details about the item and item specification will be displayed.